How will we travel when we travel again?

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By Eva Vicent, Veuremón founding partner Tourism: one of the most affected industries by the coronavirus crisis According to the report of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in January 2020, tourism continued to grow in 2019, with an increase of 3.8% over the previous year, reaching the figure of 1.5 billion travelers in the world. …

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Košice TLab, 11th -12th March 2020

Tlab Kosice 2

Košice was ready to host the last TraCEs Co-Creation Tlab in march. What the organisation didn’t expect is a pandemic to come and a general European lockdown interfering in the celebration of such an expected event. The format of the workshop had to be adapted in the blink of an eye to a digital perspective, …

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How to conduct a workshop on responsible tourism during a pandemic

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Over several weeks, Creative Industry Košice (Cultour is Capital partner) were preparing a three-day workshop on transformative tourism – T-Labs – with an expert from Tuscany, Italy. Due to the changed circumstances in Slovakia and around the world, however, they found themselves in a situation where the lecturer could not come and meet them in person, …

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Monet: The immersive experience

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French painter Claude Monet (Paris, 1840 – Giverny, 1926) was a trailblazer in the world of art, he came up with the way to paint an instant, this brief moment that won’t come back. Is there any better example than his ‘Impression Sunrise’? This masterpiece was an inflection of the artistic trends of the age …

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How to tally up ECoC and Tranformative Tourism


Transformative Tourism is both appealing and challenging. Finding the right synergies with the cultural and creative industry and generating positive dynamics for local environment can be a challenge for government tourism managers. For this reason, Gelsenkirchen city council in Germany, partner of Cultour is Capital has designed a strategic guide for the implementation of transformative …

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Decalogue of the temporary citizen

04 Decalogue Temporary Citizen

Tourism is sometimes perceived as an invasive and gentrifying movement, but in Cultour is Capital we like to see it as an element of positive change, capable of enriching the traveller and local communities. We are committed to active tourism that contributes to regenerate cities and rural areas. In this way the committed traveller becomes …

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Transformative tourism: a new way of traveling


(August 3, 2019) It is often considered axiomatic that travel broadens the mind and, consequently, that traveling has an implicit educative benefit. Also, getting off the routine through a journey is seen as a way to escape from daily grind and get involved in much more exciting experiences. But does this approach fully encompass the …

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