Decalogue of the temporary citizen

Tourism is sometimes perceived as an invasive and gentrifying movement, but in Cultour is Capital we like to see it as an element of positive change, capable of enriching the traveller and local communities. We are committed to active tourism that contributes to regenerate cities and rural areas.

In this way the committed traveller becomes a temporary citizen, a visitor who interacts positively with the destinations, nourishes them through his or her visit and, at the end, achieves a unique experience that will leave a permanent print on him or her.

Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 has devised the Decalogue of the temporary citizen to achieve this in the simplest way. A guide of good practices accessible to all that sets the way for contributing to transformative tourism.

Decalogue of the temporary citizen

  • 1. I commit to being a responsible temporary citizen
  • 2. I will take care of the spaces inhabited by nature and humans
  • 3. I will read the stories and memories of this place, through the eyes of those who experienced them
  • 4. I will listen to the sounds of what I see, through the words of those who live here
  • 5. I will look and search for the soul of this place, its community
  • 6. I will be nourished by the dialogues generated together
  • 7. I will share the knowledge that this land teaches me
  • 8. I will take part in its future, conscious of its past
  • 9. I entrust, that which I have to offer, to this place
  • 10. I will take with me the citizen I have become

And you, do you commit yourself?