How to tally up ECoC and Tranformative Tourism

I want to read ECoC Strategy

Transformative Tourism is both appealing and challenging. Finding the right synergies with the cultural and creative industry and generating positive dynamics for local environment can be a challenge for government tourism managers.

For this reason, Gelsenkirchen city council in Germany, partner of Cultour is Capital has designed a strategic guide for the implementation of transformative tourism in the European Capitals of Culture, whether they are active members or future candidates.

Cultour is Capital wants to provide the right tools to generate an innovative tourism that offers real experiences lived at a local level, developed together the with creative and cultural industries and tour operators.

In this guide, the institutions will find the basic lines that define this new trend, the reasons why we rely on creative sector to design new tourism offers or the keys to getting a traveller to become a ‘temporary citizen’.

The way is open, we only need to move forward.