Creative Industry Košice

This is a catalyst for creativity!

They help people from the cultural and creative environment to become professionals, opening
international markets and educating them.

They also participate in the creation of strategic cultural documents at national and international levels in order to create ideal conditions for the growth and development of cultural and creative industries in Slovakia.

Supporting the projet will permit to open the window of culture by a creative way and sharing the incredible Kosice’s heritage.

Destination Makers

It is a Boutique Consulting Agency based in Brindisi, Italy and active since 2014 for the enhancement, the promotion and the marketing of the least visited destinations all over Europe.

Through a careful analysis of the destination, a strategy tailored to the local needs, the training of the professionals who already work in and for a destination, the creation of authentic, local experiences, as well as the fundraising, Destination Makers aims at making true, happy destinations.

By its human relationships, dialogues among people, care for specific needs and common plans, our new partner is able to approaching both private and public stakeholders and institutions in order to achieve goals.

Faculty of Economics and Business University of Rijeka

Rijeka is a city in Croatia which be designated European Capital of Culture 2020!!

Founded in 1973, the University of Rijeka has matured into a modern European university and center of excellence whose impact extends beyond the region. It is research, science, and education-oriented university that supports social and economic development in our community, the City of Rijeka, and the wider region.

The University of Rijeka is a strategic and program partner of the City of Rijeka and Rijeka 2020 in the implementation of the Rijeka 2020 Project through European Capital of Culture.


Iambassador is a multi-award winning digital marketing agency and the world’s leading network of travel influencers. Relationships are the cornerstone of success. Well-renowned influencer network in the travel industry, made up a team of both influencers and travel industry professionals, and a rich portfolio of experiences and campaigns.

It will led the project, that is at the social and digital innovation core of TraCEs, with the development of the Virtual Itineraries, the Game and to the groundwork of the Community.

It is with pleasure that we count this last partner at the forefront of digital in our Cultour project with a Netherlands touch.


Inmedia Solutions is a communication agency based in Barcelona. It has a wide, consolidated expertise in the fields of corporative communication, creative campaigns and event planning.

Tourism promotion is one of Inmedia’s specific strengths, as for in the last decade the agency has worked with a large number of public entities and private firms of great relevance in Spain, Italy and other countries.

Inmedia has been involved in the design and unfolding of dissemination strategies of several European projects, both as partner and as part of a board of advisers. It will lead the dissemination and exploitation activities of the Cultour project.


Since 2011, Materahub has been committed to support young and wannabe entrepreneurs in developing their own skills and growing their business both nationally and internationally.

Entrepreneurship education and startup support initiatives are the core business of Materahub, enhanced by European partnership and EU funded programmes. Among different economic fields, Materahub has a specific focus on creative and cultural sector, therefore anything related to culture, cultural heritage, food and tourism.

As a member of several EU networks, Materahub firmly believes in an innovative entrepreneurial model based on sustainable development with valuable cultural and social impact through European cooperations.

Stadt Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen is a German municipality in the middle of the highly connected and dynamic Ruhr Region, in which the ECoC of Essen is located.

From castles to an outstanding musical theatre, this municipality has the makings to become the next most sought-after cultural destination in Germany. But the town is also a metropolis in making, on its way to becoming a new centre in Europe.

Gelsenkirchen has promoted the Creative Quarter in Ückendorf within the regional program Creative Quarters Ruhr, which connects creators, sponsors and administrations in a network supporting the creative economy through funding and communication support.


Veuremón has been in the travel agency business since 2003.

From their headquarters in Barcelona, they design and manage every trip following an artisanal process, with the remarkable collaboration of local agencies and independent experts from all over the world. They workd to bring to the customer the incredible adventure of sharing the daily life of all cultures and civilizations.

Veuremón has actively participated in several international projects of sustainable tourism and international cooperation. Their experience in genuine travel experiences makes them the perfect partner in a transformative tourism project.