Cultour is Capital first Online Meeting


Cultour is Capital prepared its first online meeting last July. The theme was ECoCs and their capacity to raise local economies, promote the tourism sector, and increase the creativity value of a city. There were 6 specialists in tourism, ECoCs, and creativity who leaded the conversation.  The speakers were Jan-Paul Laarmann -Head of Innovation, Cross-Cluster-Corporations, …

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Travel with purpose and social good


Nowadays the world is going through a new era that has never been lived. Society is experiencing a change due to the pandemic and the “post-corona world” is an emerging concept within the tourism sector. Or, as some tourism bloggers have said, “we should rather ask ourselves what to do in a COVID world”. The …

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Transformative Tourism for Generation Z


Transformative tourism is the new trend for generation Z. It comes handy when creating new travel experiences for this generation because it sums up all of what they seem to look for. Transformative tourism is a new way of traveling in which the visitor and the locals interact to create a positive impact in the …

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Towards a new definition of cultural tourism


By Emmanuele Curti, Project Consultant at Materahub Until a few months ago international tourist arrivals were forecast to reach 1.8 billion by 2030 according to UNWTO, in a sector which accounts for 1/10 of global GDP and employment. Now the future does look completely different. The blackboard has been wiped clean and we have to imagine …

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With creative people in the city, local tourism can work better


By Ivana Ščuroková, Communication assistant in Creative Industry Košice The second largest city in Slovakia received the title of European Capital of Culture 2013, and besides the new investment projects, the title contributed to a strong creative sector which continues to develop the opportunities for tourism until today. This endless creative potential in Košice is …

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Where should the new touristic experiences go?


By Amina De Biasio, Digital Destination Marketer at Destination Makers The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we live, think and work. It is inevitable that it will also change, at least initially, the way we travel. The travel industry, among the most important industries in the world, is also one of the most affected …

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The activities of Rijeka 2020 ECoC in the conditions of Covid-19 Crisis


By Assist. Prof. Maja Grdinic, PhD, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Rijeka In order to protect the population of the Republic of Croatia from Covid-19, in mid-March, restrictive measures were adopted. Accordingly, most of the activities of Rijeka 2020 ECoC were temporarily suspended. At that time, the mayor of Rijeka formed a programme …

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New travelling, new talk, new age


By Nicholas Montemaggi, Chief Marketing Officer at iambassador Up to now travel blogs were, in addition to being a source of inspiration for readers to decide where to undertake the next trip, especially useful to travellers when they looked for information on things to do, see and try even when they were already in the …

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How can communication help in this crisis?


By Josep Maria Palau, Inmedia Solutions CEO Many destinations, nearby or exotic, have been silent these days. They have stopped talking to us, inspiring us. They might think: people are not buying trips, why should we inspire anyone? Well, the answer is very easy: so as not to disappear. The travel and tourism sector faces …

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