It’s time to play the Game of TraCEs

Cultour is Capital is ready to present the new web platform Game of TraCEs, the result of two years of work by the TraCEs’ partnership, exploring new strategies to link transformative tourism and the cultural and creative industries in Europe. This web platform is also the starting point of an unprecedented approach to map creative and cultural operators in the European Capitals of Culture ecosystem.

“The Game of TraCEs aims to present different transformative experiences in the European Capitals of Culture (ECoCs) that are part of the TraCEs project. It allows users to discover the cultural offer of the most famous and lesser-known ECoCs run by the creative industries and the people such as citizens and local tourism providers”, explains Nicholas Montemaggi, Chief Marketing Officer at iambassador.

What is more, each city and experience is presented in the platform with a series of content made by fellow travellers and locals that experienced first-hand the entire cultural and transformative offer. All experiences can be searched by the users among different filters with tags, such as: Inspiration, Discovery, Relaxation, Adventure, Empowerment, and People.

Users are also able to create and manage, in a fun and interactive gaming mode, a cultural passport, where check-ins and experiences can be collected for each ECoC. Furthermore, it will give them insights and tips about the local cultural offer as well as inspire them to experience and visit the next ECoC.

But there is even more, as Paolo Montemurro, Materahub Director, points out: “Game of TraCEs platform is mapping for the first time all the creative and cultural operators in the European Capitals of Culture ecosystem, so cities who applied to be, have been, will be awarded the title. This is going to make it the first platform where the representatives of the sector will be able to get information about peers and potentially get in touch with them in order to generate future cooperation”.

Time to play!