Conference ECoC Matera

European Capitals of Culture as drivers for local development

The ECoC-SME project recognizes the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) programme as a yet under-utilised opportunity for cities and regions to develop existing and prospective local small- and medium enterprises. During this event, we will focus about the role of ECoC in local development and also Creative Industries, Tourism, Legacy by thematic table.

The role of ECoC in local development

  • Introduction and presentation of ECoC SME and TraCEs projects by Paolo Montemurro Materahub
  • Ruhr 2010, the first ECoC program with Creative Industries by Bernd Fesel European Creative Business Network
  • From Kosice 2013 to Creative Industry Kosice by Michaela Halasz Creative Industries Kosice
  • EcoC and tourism, the temporary citizen of Matera 2019 by Emmanuele Curti Matera 2019 Foundation
  • Cultour is Capital, ECoC and transformative tourism by Emma Taveri Destination Makers
  • Measuring Impact of ECoC program by Franco Bianchini Hull University
  • The legacy of Matera 2019 by Rossella Tarantino Matera 2019 Foundation
  • Aiva Rozenberga Jury member of the European Capitals of Culture selection (2016-2018)
  • Presentation of the capacity building program for ECoC by Francesca Imperiale ENCATC

ECoC, Creative Industries, Tourism, Legacy–thematictables

  • TABLE 1 – Transformative tourism and ECoC (moderator Emma Taveri from Destination Makers and Emmanuele Curti from Matera 2019)
  • TABLE 2 – ECoC and CCIs (moderator Paolo Montemurro from Materahub and Stefanie Rogg from Gelsenkirchen Stadt)
  • TABLE 3 – ECoC and their legacy (moderator Franco Bianchini from Hull University and Rossella Tarantino from Matera 2019)

Models of CCIs incubation for local development – Traces project

  • Francesca Imperiale from Università del Salento, Cinzia Lagioia from Puglia Creativa
  • Read more about ECoC project: